Started on Dec. 5 by AGHAYEMACHINE

1999 Peugeot 405 2000 sri-sti lemans (cts-gtc edition)

an oldschool little carbureted boy. this ride, viliam, started life as a marshal car in iran motorsport federation. then he went outlaw, smuggling what i dont want to know, and got captured by police force. and now, back again on the good side of the coin, he’s serving this time at the new federation called MAFIRI, and he’s the marshal ride again. alot of changes ive made since ive got my hands on it, engine is blueprinted and equipped with forged pistons and connecting rods, higher compression ratio, balanced the cranckshaft, and putted sodium filled valves on the cylinder head, ported and polished, changed the carburetor from solex to aisan, used mi16 sway bars front and back (had to change rear axle’s for it), and putted stress bar on top of it. this car is at street race class which requires no roll bar inside and youre not allowed to strip the interior of the car. it should be street legal.

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