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1977 Other Puma GTE


Puma is a Brazilian sports car. Don’t know what happened, but one day I woke up and decided I wanted, no, needed an aircooled car. After getting discouraged by the high prices of pre-57 beetles with more rust than I wanted to deal with, I added the Puma as the third car in the Orphancar garage. It is all VW underneath — modified Brasilia pan, Ghia front brakes, and currently a 1776 out back. Plans for the Puma are to get rid of the 70’s era Kermit the Frog green paint, replace the swing axle suspension with bits from a Porsche 944, Fuchs wheels , and a 2110 or larger motor……maybe swap in a Type IV if I can find one already built!

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Nov. 09
Work begins!

Well, with the TVR in the shop getting a cage, chassis, and headers done, I …

Sept. 17
Puma Interior

Woody — because you asked for it :-) This was as-delivered — I put the …

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Aug. 28, 2009, 9:53 a.m.

Personally, I would HAVE to keep the 70s green paint, and I would probably keep those wheels, too. Fuchs are nice, but those look pretty right, too. Cool car!

Aug. 28, 2009, 9:58 a.m.

Thanks Tim! What you can't quite see in the pics are the dark blue hood and roof. That makes the car look a little odd. It did give me the idea of painting the car black roof/red sides though. Aw hell, the missus actually came up with the color scheme :-) Actually I do think of keeping the wheels sometimes -- would just have to redrill the 944 hubs with the right bolt pattern (4 lug instead of 5.

Aug. 28, 2009, 5:02 p.m.

Wow I would love to get my hands on that!!!!

Aug. 31, 2009, 7:05 p.m.

With frog eyes, you need frog skin IMHO.

Sept. 17, 2009, 8:06 p.m.

Never saw one before, but I like it. Any inside photos?

David S.
Oct. 17, 2009, 3:10 p.m.

I also vote that you keep the paint. It's perfect.

Nov. 10, 2009, 2:01 a.m.

This is awesome. Lovely proportioned little sports car! +4 for keep the green paint, but hell, it's your car.

Nov. 26, 2009, 8:40 a.m.

Keep the paint. It looks great -- plus it's got the whole brazillian-flag thing going. I'm trying to figure out how to add white/yellow accents... White roundels, yellow numbers outlined in black? Cool car.

Nov. 8, 2013, 9:11 a.m.

Well -- it's in the paint shop now -- when it comes out, it'll be red. Porsche Guards Red to be exact :-)

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