May 19, 2013 update on Rally43's 1984 Audi Group B Rally Car ( 84 URQ )

Carlisle Import Nationals 2013

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Had a great time at the Carlisle Import Nationals May17-18 in Carlisle PA. Saw the Grassroots Motorsports van at my hotel and maybe Tim Suddard himself hammering away on the computer in the hotel breakfast area. Friday turned out to be a very warm day and brought with it a unique surprise. Being a first timer I was relying on others in the Audi Club to give me direction on the weekend festivities. While finally relaxing after getting the car set up in its parking area, A golf cart rolled up with 2 people in it armed with a notepad. I wasn’t too concerned at first until they walked up to my car and started writing info down and what I thought was my vin # . Concerned I had done something wrong for registration, I walk over to see if they needed some Information. The male of the group asked about the car then drove off. I thought nothing of it, then the same cart returned 3 hours later with an older male and same female. This time I was really freaking out as he walked up to my car and started writing information on a pad of paper. I went over to them concerned and asked If I had done something incorrect, and they ask if I was going to be around Sunday ? I said nope, heading back to Michigan. He said well this is for you . I must have had a really funny look on my face and he said , Did the other guy tell you why he stopped by ? I said nope.. He then informed me that Carlisle Events chooses 10 unique cars from the weekend and mine was chosen as one of those cars. For a first timer I can say this was one of the best run shows I had ever been too. Put it on your list of must attend…


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