Jan 31, 2010 update on Keith's 1972 MG B GT with LS1 power


update image

The suspension is done, so the car can now sit on its own wheels. This is a fairly major step, given than the entire front end was basically lopped off and a new frame created. The rear has a custom three-link. It was fun stuff to do, I’ve never dealt with a live axle before so there was some learning.

The engine mounts and transmission mount are done - more pictures of that to follow. The engine is a fair way back in the car and the shifter is in the stock location. It all fits quite well, but it’s a bit like building a ship in a bottle with some fairly tight packaging. It’ll all fit, but clearances are minimal.

Since the car can sit on its feet, I took the opportunity to weigh the current state. The car has the engine, transmission and rear end. Missing are the front bumper, cooling and exhaust systems, any fluids, a battery, the interior and a steering column. There’s a Miata seat in the car and a 26 lb box of Camaro wiring on the roof. Still, the current weight of 1916 lbs is a bit shocking. Filling the fuel tank and installing the battery should bring the balance close to 50:50 by my reckoning.

I’m guessing the final wet weight of the car will be around 2400 lbs, which should give sprightly performance.


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