Started on May 29 by QuasiMofo (John Brown)

Saturn SC1

This pile of crap is amazing. 164,281 miles (as of lunch, 05/29/2008) and it still actually runs. It features the patented Saturn Total Loss Oiling System as well as the Road Lubricating Transaxle option. I gave the guy who owned this car a torque wrench that I found in the scrap box at NAPA. Really I paid too much, but I was desperate. It no longer has reverse. The serpentine belt squeals. The front tires are bald. The brakes are metal to metal and the interior smells of meat helmets and spent Pall Mall. As long as I can stomach the torture of being near the vehicle I promise to not wash or maintain it (outside of filling the Road Lube System and topping off the STLOS). If you would like to buy it you deserve it, contact me.

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Dec. 09

SOLD!!! Fuhgettaboudit!

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