Started on Jan. 31 by Maroon92

1990 Toyota Supra

This one is the Frankenstein. It will absorb parts from various junkyards, as well as parts cars, to create the super Supra…muah ha ha. eventually planned as an LS swap, for now, it is just a nice restoration, and will become my daily driver.

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April 25
Shocking Developments

I got some suspension improvements on Ebay the other day. Koni adjustables with Eibach lowering …

Feb. 21
Meshed up.

the front spoiler on this car had been HACKED to provide air to the intercooler. …

Feb. 21

used 2 coats of white house paint, and 1 coat of rattle can black. seals …

Feb. 21
mocked up

here is the splitter fitted to the bumper.

Feb. 21
Plywood Splitter? Sure!

I have been hearing a lot lately about sports racers having splitters made of plywood. …

Feb. 09
rub a dub dub

I got the engine bay pressure washed and steam cleaned. It just looks like it …

Feb. 03
Wiring Harness

the car had previously had a 2JZ swapped in, and as a result, the engine …

Feb. 03
Look what followed me home

brought one of the cars home finally. 3 hours to go get it. Definitely worth …

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June 22, 2010, 5:23 p.m.

Getting closer. The engine is in the car, just wiring and vacuum to go. Anyone want to help?

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