Started on April 2 by cloud81918

2001 Saturn SC2

Sporty looking car with enough power to be fun for the driver. 32 city and 37 on the interstate make it nice to the wallet as well. Sporting only 124hp in stock form, it is pathetic at drag racing, mid 17s (at 5000 feet above sealevel). But does well using its agility in autocross. Slight modifications have made this car better in nearly every respect, with few trade offs. It has embarressed cars costing several times more than itself in Autocross. Many people think running a Saturn is a joke, but my car has put fast enough times to get respect from near everyone it has competed against. It is not the fastest STS (now ST class) car in NM, but it is quick. 2400Lbs, super sticky tires and suspension work makes for a quick little cone dodger. I took the points in 2005 for novice driver in the Rio Grande Region SCCA in this car, edging out some very competitive folks. In 2006 I took 2nd in STS. Then placed 1st for the 2007 and 2008. I have done most of the work myself, keeping it clean and on the cheap. I bought deals when I saw them, even if I wasn’t ready to put it on yet, to keep the price low. Many parts have been U-Pull upgrades. The car has lots of handling upgrades and is awaiting a little more power. I have installed my Apexi A-SFC 2, but haven’t tuned it yet. Many owners are finding 13HP with this mod alone, dyno proven. The average is 6-8. Mine is still untuned though. The car’s future is uncertain. It seems I may be racing another car next season and I have a few other cars that have been taking my attention. It may soldier on as a DD, it may be come a track slut, it may take on another life with someone else. Whatever the outcome, I’ve really enjoyed owning this car and bringing it to the state it is currently in. I’m in awe over how hardy and easy to work on these cars are. Current mods: Agility Coilovers (Pre-production prototypes with 8K springs on them), Sx1 front anti-roll bar, SPS adjustable rear anti-roll bar, “Fred the car guy” Rear Anti-roll bar brackets, SPS 5mm Rear track spacers, HKS 5mm wheel spacers, Front strut brace, Rear Strut bar, using StreetTrix mounts, OBX Camber Bolts, Slotted top mount holes for Caster, AEM Cold Air Intake, MSD coils, OBX 4-2-1 header, 2.5 inch custom exhaust, Magnaflow High flow Cat, Magnaflow High flow muffler (used as resonator), OBX Dual Tip Muffler, Apexi A-SFC 2, LM-1 Wideband controller, Polyinsert motor mounts, 1st gen clutch actuator, Fidanza Light weight flywheel (removed), ACT 6 puck (unsprung) with HD pressure plate (removed), Schroth Rallie 4 harness, Goodridge SS brakelines, rear disc conversion, 215/45-16 Kumho XS tires, $40 near junk, heavy, bulletproof 16 inch rims. *note this car is not exactly STS/ST class legal. But the regional folks were fine with me running that car as it was built, things may be different elsewhere.

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