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1990 BMW 325i

186k-bought at 85k and did alot of service at that point (guibo, timing belt/h2opump, valvtrain spec, filters, fluids, etc). Since then-alot of cleaning, new front and rear bumpers due to sliding Chevy behind me (120k-ish), timing belts, and filter/fluids of course. THEN around 150k fuel pumps getting loud and intermintently working. New Bilstein sports, new steering rack/tie rods, Team Dynamics 17” w/215/40, Brembo OEM style discs/good, new pads. In Garage now for almost two years with that stuff to keep the new fluids I put in it OK for storage. I’ve done all the normal things you would think of regarding the fuel problem, and I believe I have the ability to solve the problem with some help (more tools?) pretty quickly. So that’s good. But then I have to think about flushing the fluids for new, changing timing belt, my temp gauge doesn’t work probably a circuit board in my dash is fried-I need to get new, honest gauges that go right to a sensor I can see,…….It’s just alot of stuff. So busy. I can’t believe I sat here and wrote the story of my car. I’m busy. I know you know how I feel. But I’ll get there.

Latest updates
Nov. 24
hey-it drives!

Another fuel pump some replaced wiring, and it’s running great. Gauges are working, but A/C …

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