Started on June 24 by Deedilus

2005 Nissan 450z

2005 Nissan Pikes Peak White 350z, base model. I consider this my first “real” car, having only had a 260whp 1991 240SX and a 2003 Ford Focus before. It’s my daily driver, obsession, and soon-to-be track car. My plans for it are as follows: Suspension, Stiffen chassis, lighten, then power. Come on, power is no fun unless it can also shoot your brain out of your ears in the corners! Some of the current mods were done by the previous owner of the car (I’ve owned the car about 2 months now), such as the wheels and the lowering springs. -Invidia G200 Exhaust -Custom power-steering cooler for those hot Texas days -Hotchkis 19mm lowering springs -Rota P45 -Centric cross-dimpled and slotted rotors with black hubs -Techna-fit Stainless Steel Brake Lines ENGINE BLEW AT A DRIFT EVENT, SEE UPDATE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON MY VH45DE V8 SWAP!

Latest updates
Oct. 13
Update #9 - Hood on, new tach in.

Things are progressing a lot slower now, Craig’s overloaded with projects and the driver side …

Oct. 13
Update #8 - New hood here!

Original post date: 10.02.2010 Thanks Nealoc, always nice to get props from someone who knows …

Oct. 13
Update #7 - Things slowing, camber arms and radiator

Original post date: 09.21.2010 Things are going pretty good with the swap, run into problems …

Oct. 13
Update #6 - Valve covers painted!

Original Post Date: 09.13.2010 Still working on the final coat of the blue accent, since …

Oct. 13
Update #5 - New tranny now on!

Original post date: 09.10.2010 Well, we got the new transmission plate. As you can kinda …

Oct. 13
Update #4 - Transmission adaptor disaster!

Original post date: 08.22.2010 Alright, disaster update time now. Been some major drama going on …

Oct. 13
Update #3 - Test fit engine Z32, tranny picked up

Original post date: 08.18.2010 My new V8 inside of it’s new home! Time for some …

Oct. 13
Update #2 - Engine out, VH45 purchased

Original post date: 08.07.2010 Engine out :( All that’s left are some wires, lines, and …

Oct. 13
Sorry for no updates!

Sorry about that, got caught up in a million different things so I completely forgot …

Aug. 04
Engine blown @ drift event - V8 swap in progress

Well, after just 4 months my wonderful stock VQ35DE has decided it doesn’t like to …

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Aug. 5, 2010, 3:13 a.m.

Very cool. Keep us all updated on the V8 swap!

Aug. 5, 2010, 2:21 p.m.

Definitely will man, thanks!

Nov. 22, 2011, 10:37 p.m.

Oh my, yes.

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