Oct 13, 2010 update on Deedilus's 2005 Nissan 450z

Update #2 - Engine out, VH45 purchased

update image

Original post date: 08.07.2010

http://insertmatthere.com/Pictures/350z/VH45DE/1.jpg"> Engine out :(

http://insertmatthere.com/Pictures/350z/VH45DE/2.jpg"> All that’s left are some wires, lines, and two lonely exhaust pipes.

http://insertmatthere.com/Pictures/350z/VH45DE/3.jpg"> http://insertmatthere.com/Pictures/350z/VH45DE/4.jpg"> Engineless Z33 comparison with engineless Z32… quite a big difference.

http://insertmatthere.com/Pictures/350z/VH45DE/6.jpg"> http://insertmatthere.com/Pictures/350z/VH45DE/7.jpg"> http://insertmatthere.com/Pictures/350z/VH45DE/5.jpg" /> The VH45DE that he just swapped into that red Z32, took it out to paint the covers and manifold.

http://insertmatthere.com/Pictures/350z/VH45DE/8.jpg"> http://insertmatthere.com/Pictures/350z/VH45DE/9.jpg"> My new VH45DE, 84XXX miles. Fresh out of the Infiniti Q45 we got it from. Got in a front end collision, cars valued at $1200 and they messed up the front headlights, hood, and bumper. Damage didn’t even get to radiator and insurance company totalled it. We got it in exchange for my old VQ35. It’s almost ready for cleaning!


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