Oct 13, 2010 update on Deedilus's 2005 Nissan 450z

Update #7 - Things slowing, camber arms and radiator

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Original post date: 09.21.2010

Things are going pretty good with the swap, run into problems with the headers. Had to do some fabrication on them, passenger side header is finished and on the engine, and the driver side header is being re-made for the 2nd or 3rd time (can’t remember which aha). They keep getting too close to things, so hopefully 3rd time’s the charm!

The headers should be completed and on the engine around Thursday, as Craig is getting back surgery today and will be out of commission for today and half of tomorrow. After the headers are finished it looks like it’ll be time for the wiring harness; luckily since Craig’s done more than 20 VH45 swaps (mostly in 300ZX’s), he said it won’t be a huge big dramatic soap opera.

On a non-engine note, got some things in for the Z today. Unfortunately my last phone broke so I can’t show you how my rear camber arms looked, but it was time for some new ones. During the time one of the last owners had the car, the rear camber arms had gotten completely thrashed and then just realigned to fool anyone that the camber arm was in such bad shape. Being a blind imbecile, I didn’t notice this when I purchased the car. The carfax was clean so I thought it was all good, but this sort of explains why one of my headlights looks like a cheap aftermarket one, one of my front reflectors is a cheap aftermarket look alike, and why there is a web of cracks and scuffs along the passenger side of the front bumper, as well as some strange bumper fitment on that side as well. Joy. :(

But anyway, I just got in my new Eibach adjustable rear camber arms.


Also I was able to score this Corbeau seat from a friend for next to nothing.

http://insertmatthere.com/Pictures/350z/VH45DE/seat.jpg"> As you can see it needs a bit of cleaning for obvious reasons (I think my cats like to make love to it or something, don’t see how the hell they got hair near the top of the seat as well), but it was a pretty nice pick up. Not sure I’m going to put it in the S13 though, the spring wear marks don’t fill me with much confidence… It is very comfortable and SUPER light though, if I could get it re-padded I might consider putting it in the S13.

I also just ordered a new carbon fiber HR hood from Aero Designs USA on here, also thanks for the great price and smooth communication. Now trying to decide between old fashioned cheap hood pins or the new Aerocatch flush-fit ones. I can get a pretty good deal on the Aerocatch from a sponsor, but am still not sure if I want to spend that much more money on them. Any suggestions?

More pics later, going to try and head down to Austin tomorrow and snap some pics of whats going on.

On another note, anyone in the Texas region heading down to XDC this weekend? I’ll be there covering the event for Driftworks, if you’ll be there let me know and we can swap numbers and meet up while we’re all over there.

DISCLAIMER Extra JDM-ness added to pictures by putting bamboo behind it. Eyes may implode due to JDM-overdose. Do not stare at for extended periods of time. :)

Funny addition A member of my350z.com who is in the middle of an LS swap saw my Corbeau seat above and discovered that he and I have quite a bit in common…


Added update, original post date: 09.22.2010 Yeah man, I saw! Big props with doing the work yourself. HAHAHAHA, are those the same seats!? Got any suggestions with the whole spring thing? I don’t know if I need to try and get it re padded or just replace it all together.. I got it for so cheap I would love to use it!

Just remembered I haven’t posted these two pics, so here you guys go:

Engine resting in it’s new home last week. http://insertmatthere.com/Pictures/350z/engine-in.jpg">

New radiator, thing is MASSIVE! http://insertmatthere.com/Pictures/350z/radiator.jpg">

This thing should have some SERIOUS cooling power, using the stock fans as well with a relay that will turn the bigger fans on when the engine hits a certain temperature, and then the smaller fans will be on at all times.

The grille delete is done now, gonna get a picture when I head up there next.


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