Oct 13, 2010 update on Deedilus's 2005 Nissan 450z

Update #8 - New hood here!

update image

Original post date: 10.02.2010

Thanks Nealoc, always nice to get props from someone who knows the VH. I’m right there with you, it’s an incredible and amazing engine that’s capable of tons. I’m debating whether to go turbo later on, I’ve heard that it’s very easy to get 600whp out of these on stock internals with a simple turbo set up. But that’s later on.

So a little mini update, turns out I get my hood Monday, so at least I have an official time now. Got my flush aero catch hood pins (Thanks to Driftworks as always for the excellent price and fast shipping), and also finished wrapping my center console with some extra Neffy wrap lying around. The header will be done soon and Craig is planning on having the car running and driveable on Tuesday, then it’s just testing everything and making sure everything is fine.. Hopefully he’s right!



And I figured some other people might want to see more when it comes to cutting the useless battery and fluid compartments from inside the engine bay, these cuts were done when everything was getting started and they need to be refined and rolled back a bit because they’re as sharp as an arrow made out of a lions claw.






Hopefully I’ll be able to post up a video of it running on Tuesday.

Hood update, original post date: 10.05.2010

And the new hood is in.





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