Oct 13, 2010 update on Deedilus's 2005 Nissan 450z

Update #9 - Hood on, new tach in.

update image

Things are progressing a lot slower now, Craig’s overloaded with projects and the driver side header has been an absolute nightmare. I talked to Chris Forsberg at XDC Round 5 in Dallas (I also covered it for Driftworks.com), and he mentioned that was also the hardest part in his VK56 swap.

Once the header is done the swap is pretty much finished and it’s down to the small little niggly things. After visiting Craig yesterday to install the new tach the header is practically done, just a few more hours of work need to go into it. Forgot to get a pic of it though, doh!

New Carbon Fiber hood courtesy of Seibon is on!




Thing is sexy! Probably going to ditch the front lip carbon fiber, just too much going on for my taste.

Also got my new Legacy tachometer from Speedhut, thing is nice! Stock gauge cluster is out of the car, time for some demolition!


Just to not do anything half way I refinished the gauge clusters outer aluminum bezel completely. Good ole’ steel wool.


For some nice interior accents, painted the inner cluster bezel the same color (Royal blue) as the accent panels on the engine.


Covered parts that might short out and the original tach lighting so that it couldn’t shine from behind the new tach, also shaved down the plastic and cut space for the wires so it can be as low as possible in the cluster.


Nice little test fit of the new tach.


Things are turning out nicely, hopefully the driver side header should be done very soon and the project can start getting wrapped up!


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