Feb 23, 2013 update on P71's 1973 AMC Javelin

Alternator drama

update image

The big news since the autocross is that my original alternator was dead (which killed the battery while we were there). A lot of poking, prodding, and book-looking finally led me to a few points. The Motorola unit on my car is the original one, and is 33 amps. The later AMC’s switched to the 10si style GM/Delco unit (one of which I have in my garage), but they also totally switched the v-belt system and brackets around. You have to get the whole setup to have a clean swap. Luckily my dad has a local guy down in Florida that rebuilds these units into the original 65amp HD spec for reasonable. Turns out, the original design is actually for tractors and quite a few industrial engines. So months later, I finally have a completely rebuilt alternator that bolts into the factory location!


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