Sep 5, 2012 update on P71's 1973 AMC Javelin

First cruise!

update image

The big draw of the Unique Tin show is actually the cruise in at night. The town closes down a nice portion of the main drag downtown and all of the cars that were on the show field get to cruise down and back into the night. Law enforcement is low-key so flamethrowers, open headers, revving, and some chirping are allowed. As long as you don’t pull a John Force they are cool, which is really awesome. We made laps nearly the whole evening and I was surprised at how many rods had to give up with overheating issues. I gave some friends rides and chirped some rubber for other friends in the crowd. Then I made the mistake of letting my Mother drive (who was visiting for the weekend from California). Mom had a few Javelins back when (a Yellow 72 360 AMX and a Big Bad Orange 70 360 SST). Mom didn’t tell me that her stack of speeding tickets and exhibition of speed dwarfed Dads!!! She did a burn-out every block!


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