Mar 20, 2011 update on P71's 1973 AMC Javelin

Future plans...

update image

So now that the 360 runs, where to go from here? Well, here’s the plan:

  • First I need to get the engine up to temp again and change the oil and filter.
  • The coil had a broken stud and needs to be swapped out.
  • The ground strap needs to be fixed or rerouted.
  • The ignition switch needs to be checked so the key will work.
  • The front brakes need to be gone through.

Then it’s off to the rear of the car, where once in the air I will check the trans to see if it turns the wheels, fix the rear brakes, get the gas tank refurbished, and change the diff oil. Once that’s done, it’s test drive time!

What about the pic Michael? Well that’s the 401 I’ve owned for 7 years that will eventually go into the Javelin (maybe). It’s kind of the impetus behind this whole project.


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