Apr 15, 2012 update on P71's 1973 AMC Javelin

New wheels!!!

update image

This weekend was the giant swap meet at Portland International Raceway and the Portland Expo Center (it’s seriously huge, and is a 4-day event). My #1 goal this year was to get wheels and tires for the Javelin. Although the P71’s old steelies technically it, the center bores are a little too small, the backspacing is wrong, and the tires are all shot. So I solved all of the issues (plus the heavy weight!) with this cherry set of genuine Weld Rodlite wheels! They are only 14’s (with 185 and 215 tires), but they will look really cool, they are super light, and they’ll make a great drag racing setup. Not to mention they had a nice set of BFG tires and came with all of the lug nuts and cebter caps. My cost? $400. Nice.


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