Nov 2, 2010 update on MacLotus's 1999 Lotus Elise Sport 190 (Series 1)

Bored Block to 87.5mm

update image

I shipped the engine block to ENDYN in Ft. Worth, TX for machine work.

Endyn will bore and hone the block to 87.5mm (no need to sleeve) with deck plate. This bores the cylinders properly without ovalizing cylinders (deckplate). Evidently, without the deck plate, cylinders will warp slightly once assembled creating ‘out of round’ cylinders. The deck plate prevents this from happening. They will also deck the engine block, ensuring proper fit to cylinder head.

Line Hone Main Bores To Spec Cometic Head Gasket to 87.5 mm bore (custom) Fit Rings/Rod Bearings/Main Bearings to Spec


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