Nov 2, 2010 update on MacLotus's 1999 Lotus Elise Sport 190 (Series 1)

Port & Polish Cylinder Head

update image

Here’s where it pays to spend some money on a normally aspirated engine. Air flow is critical… or more appropriately equates to power.

ENDYN Full Racing Performance CNC (Port match to Skunk2 Intake Manifold)

Valve Job

Decking & Assy

Premium Tapered Manganese/Bronze Guides

Hone Fit Valves

New Valve Seats

Black Nitride Coated Flat Face Exhaust Valves

Black Nitride Coated Flat Face Intake Valves (36mm) , +1mm larger

Eibach Valve Springs w/ Chromoly Retainers

Valve Spring Seats for Dual Springs

Split Locks

Valve Stem Seals


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