Jan 17, 2013 update on Jcamper's 1985 Ford Mustang SVO


update image

I have made some upgrades to the old SVO in pursuit of more reliability, power, and fun. I replaced the T3 with an HX-35 turbo off my pickup (had it on a shelf for almost 10 years). Fabricated my own 3” downpipe (learning how to weld in the process). I installed a new MS3 system, with associated hardware so I am now full sequential fuel and spark. Using LS2 truck coils and 120lb/hr fuel injectors. Added a flex fuel sensor, transducers to monitor fuel pressure before and after the fuel filters (running two in parallel). An Aeromotive pump and upsized fuel lines allow for E85. I also have the new internal knock module and a broadband knock sensor for actual, effective knock sensing. I am set up for boost control later, for now I am just using the stock internal wastegate (around 25psi right now). Later on, 30 psi is the plan.

A new front mount intercooler with two 1” solenoids for rally style anti-lag should make for enjoyable autocrossing even with the larger turbo. I started it up 6 days ago and have driven it almost 400 miles since then. Runs and drives great, accelerates with much more zest, and lag doesn’t really seem much different than with the T3. The performance is very different however.

Haven’t played with the anti-lag yet, I am going to make sure everything else is good before I indulge. J


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