Started on Nov. 8 by NEALSMO

1989 Nissan 240SX

Started as a $700 rodent. Ohlins coilovers/Swift springs (10kg/9kg). Tein camber plates. Tanabe sway bars, Cusco upper and lower front braces. Wicked Tuning strut rods and RUCAs. Energy Suspension master kit. PBM subframe collars, HD subframe braces, j30 VLSD. Crower custom cam, ported and flow benched head, 5 angle valve grind, 9.7-1 compression, 1mm oversized pistons, balanced crank, rods, pistons, flywheel, and pressure plate. EGR, secondary air injection, and swirl plate butterflies deleted with gasket matched porting on intake and exhaust manifolds. Cold air intake, electric cooling fan, undersized lightweight pulley. Test pipe and 2.5” BRM exhaust. One peice aluminum driveshaft. Converted to electro-hydraulic power steering and deleted A/C, relocated Optima battery to trunk. 16x7/8 Volk racing GTUs with Bridgestone Reo1r 205/225 rubber Front camber = -3.2 Front Toe = out 1/8” Front caster = 5.5 Rear camber = -2.5 Rear toe = in 1/4”

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Feb. 17
February 15th 2015 Champ event

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