Mar 31, 2011 update on blkmajik's 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR

New Wheels + Tires

update image

Swapping slicks on and off my wheels for track days is a lot of overhead in terms of cost, time and effort. I decided to get another set of wheels. Since I can get a good supply of Hoosier R6 scrubs for next to nothing in my OEM wheel size, I’ll use the stockers for the track & winter and get a new set for summer DD/autox.

I went with Enkie NT03+M’s in 18x9.5, adding an extra inch of width. They’re wrapped in Toyo R1R’s, which I’m very happy with so far. I ran them at the track last weekend due to questionable weather. In the cold and wet, I managed to drop my lap times on the Toyo street tires by a couple seconds compared to my last trip on the Hoosiers!


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