1986 Porsche 944

Started on Feb. 28 by Javelin (Forum Supporter)

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Porsche - There is no substitute.

1986 Porsche 944 2.5L / 5-Speed

Options that matter: 220 - Limited Slip Differential 383/387 - L & R Sport Seats 456 - Sport Suspension

15" Phone Dials, 225/60/15 Michelin's, electric sunroof, cruise control, rear wiper, aftermarket CD player, separate ignition disable lock, and other stuff that I can't comprehend because it's in German.

Zermatt Silver with a Black and Tan leather interior.

Currently competing in the PCA's P02 class in autocross. Mods include a linear throttle cam, and uh, that's it.

Build thread: [url]http://grassrootsmotorsports.com/forum/grm/the-porsche-944-autocross-racer-build-thread/33975/page1/[/url]

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Latest updates

April 23


Gotta give a shout out to my #1 parts supplier and advice line manned by two of GRM's best and brightest (Maroon and Duke). These are going on the car ASAP!

April 23

New shocks

The right rear shock on the 944 has gotten so bad that the car is starting to lean. After figuring out that the M456 Sport Suspension uses Boge shocks I was able to get these KYB Gas-A-Just's to replace the ...

April 08

New battery, too.

And finally, the old battery went and died on me. I mean dead dead, not coming back dead. Optima doesn't make a battery that clears the hood without converting to side posts, and I didn't have time to wait for ...

April 08

Must-have on PS-equipped 944's!

I changed the oil on the 944 as well, and I have to say that a K&N oil filter is mandatory for power steering equipped 944's. The reservoir and lines restrict access to the filter, so you can't get a ...

April 08

Found a leak!

While poking around under the 944 I noticed this. It's a return line for the steering rack! Must have popped out during a cone strike. I fixed this, cleaned up all of the spray, and noted some other deficiencies such ...

April 08

Filter, too.

Of course since the injectors were clogged and I already had the fuel system depressurized, I went ahead and installed a new fuel filter, too.

April 08

Problems solved

I didn't even realize how degraded the 944's performance was until I got the injectors rebuilt. The hard starts, erratic idle, throttle tip-in stumble, and generally sluggish response were all solved! I wish I had done these sooner!

April 08

Rebuilt injectors

I decided to go ahead and have the fuel injectors cleaned locally. That was the right choice! Apparently they were pretty well clogged up. Now all four flow to Porsche's specs and within 2% of each other. New pintle caps ...

April 08

Fuel leak!

I knew I should have changed the o-rings on the injectors when I had to pop the rail off for the wire change. #3 injector sprung a leak, which is really dangerous on a 944, so I parked the car ...

April 08


The first autocross of the year was crazy! We had sun, rain, sleet, hail, and snow! I have to say that autocrossing in the snow on Hankook R-S3's was not fun. I spun twice! By the end of the day ...

March 17

Success! x2!

And finally! The driver's side was even crazier because the bracket was for a side-rail seat or something. Much drilling, a Dremel tool, some grinding, and a lot of swearing later... it's done!

March 17

One down, one to go!

Man, that stupid seat project was tough! The no-name seat had a different pattern than the Corbeau mount, and everything just had to be modified to make it work correctly. The new seat is easier to get in and out ...

March 17

Fresh tune-up

Next up on the list of to-dos was a tune-up. The 944 got a new cap and rotor (even though the old ones were still okay, they got cleaned up and made into spares), Magnecor KV85 Competition wires, and NGK ...

March 17

Replacement numbers

Among all of the stuff to be done this off-season, the change in class meant I needed some new class letters. I also lost a 3 on track and had a 5 rip, which really is pretty low attrition for ...

March 17

Still working out the seats...

Now that I obtained brackets for the 944, it was time to see if they fit. Sure enough, the old Sport seat came out okay and the new bracket bolts right on, including the belt receptacle. This isn't ideal as ...

March 17

Preparing for the new season

Of course the car itself isn't the only thing that needs preparation for the new season. The helmet has to be de-funked, the faceshields polished, the baclava and gloves washed, and all spare fluids re-filled. I also took the time ...

March 17

Timing belt inspection

The records with the 944 show that the timing belt was done at 216,7xx miles. The 944 only has 227,4xx on it now, about 11K miles. Except the job was done in 2006. With this being an interference motor, I ...

Jan. 29

It runs! But...

The 944 fired right up and gave me instant oil pressure. Nice! There was a hissing noise in the intake, and I think it's this hose. I'll need to fix that. Unfortunately, I also noticed it has developed a small ...

Jan. 29


Battery is back in and the original hold-down is working perfectly. So we are all secured and ready for another autocross season. I also opened the car up to let it air out, wiped down the windows, and dumped a ...

Jan. 29

Box clean up and inspection

The only place on a galvanized 944 that can really rust is the battery box when acid leaks. That's never happened to mine, but some good preventative maintenance by cleaning out all of the much and leaves is certainly time ...

Jan. 29

Coming out of winter's nap...

We had some really nice weather yesterday, so I decided to start waking the 944 up. First things first, the old battery needed a charge. A few hours on the trickle charger was the ticket! (I may replace the battery ...

Jan. 29

Winter hibernation...

On December 1st I drove the 944 for the last time, parked it, un-hooked the battery, and poured some Sta-Bil down the tank. Even if I hadn't parked it for the winter, there's no way it would have been able ...

Jan. 29


Our PCA club makes their own trophies for the season champions out of blown up parts donated throughout the season. Mine was a center cap that came off. Very cool, I think! Plus I can hang mine up, unlike the ...

Nov. 05

Last autocross, season championship!

We had our last autocross for the year in October, and it was a great one. Mrs. Javelin and I both had our highest overall finishes ever! I was able to finish out the year with a 100% win rate ...

Nov. 05

Seat bases

Comparing the seats showed me that I needed to do something for a seat base in order to make everything work. The seatbelt receptacles bolt to the seat and the tracks needed a place to mount. I picked these brackets ...

Nov. 05

Another autocross, another win!

We had another successful autocross with the 944. Mrs. Javelin is getting better and better and once again I was able to win my class, but my friend in the next class up finally got me! I think it's a ...

Aug. 28

Seat comparo

I then decided to try and see what it would take to get the seats to fit. I yanked the passenger seat (and found a billfold underneath amongst other items, empty though) and started measuring. The original tracks will not ...

Aug. 28


I finally got a stupid steering wheel in this car! The $20 Dino wheel from eBay did the trick. It's amazing how easy it was to bolt on now that everything had the right bolt pattern. The new wheel is ...

Aug. 26

That's better!

40 minutes later and it's all fixed! I had to be really careful scraping off the old adhesive as the paint was just worn out around the trim. In fact, I discovered that this car has been repainted before! They ...

Aug. 26

How embarrassing!

I came home from work (in the Falcon) to find this! The driver's side trim piece had committed hari-kari and flopped over. So off to the store I went for some 3M trim tape...

Aug. 26

And in boxes #2 and #3 we have...

Racing seats! Okay, okay, yes, they are not SFI or SCCA approved, or even name brand. They are however cloth (which will keep me from sliding all over the seat, unlike the leather we have now), fully manual (lighter!), and ...

Aug. 26

In box #1 we have...

A steering wheel! I scored a 6-bolt Dino wheel on fleabay for $20, and yes, it actually matches my adapter. This should look great in the 944!

Aug. 25

The truck brought me something!

Wonder what's in those!??!

Aug. 25

Packwood Autocross

We took the 944 to it's 4th autocross, another PCA event, this time in Packwood, WA (a National Tour/ProSolo site). It's 100 miles each way, 95 degree heat, and acres of blacktop. The 944 performed perfectly and we scored another ...

Aug. 25

Das boot!

The original leather shift boot had long since faded to crappy, so I decided to stick with the plastic knob that goes under it as the new nob and a quickie universal vinyl boot from the spares to keep the ...

Aug. 25


Installation was easier than I had feared it to be. Once you get past the quirks and use the proper tools, the Porsche is actually fun to work on. The new shift action is so smooth and precise. It's like ...

Aug. 25

New shifter

So I ordered up a new pivot bushing, shift handle, circlip, and wavy washer and got to work. See the difference on the pivot arm!? The old one was worn into a football shape, causing sloppy shift action and possibly ...

Aug. 25


Running errands one weekday (because driving your race car to work regularly is required) the car decided it only liked 2nd gear. Crap! Luckily ze Germans made the console easy to destroy, so all of the plastic surrounds on the ...

Aug. 25

Portland Historics

We were able to get some infield passes to the Portland Historic races back in July and displayed the 944 in the PCA area. We were the only 944 present (though there was a very pretty 951), and people genuinely ...

June 25

Temporary seat repair...

Yeah, it's duct tape. Sue me. It's actually Gorilla tape, and it's only temporary until I replace the whole seat! The Sport Seats are awesome to sit in, but those damn bolsters make it nearly impossible to climb in and ...

June 25

Steering debacle

So the story is I bought this Dino wheel at the 2010 PIR Swap Meet thinking it was for the Ferrari. Turns out it was an aftermarket wheel, but for $5 it was cool and vintage. I hung it up ...

June 25

Another victory!

Autocross #3 for the 944 project was on 6/12. I came in 1st in Class (P02) and Audra nabbed 2nd again (over the M030 968!). Overall I got 35/66 and Audra earned 61. I am now 3 for 3 this ...

June 25


After having a shop install the ball joints I had the alignment done on the 944. Final specs are: -1.8* camber, 4* caster, and 1/16" toe out up front with -1.0* camber and 0" toe in the rear. Not the ...

June 25

Fresh ball joints!

What we have here is a brand new set of lower ball joints in the OE Porsche aluminum lower control arms. These are the steel Rennbay Competition ones. So not only did I fix the bad joints, I ensured they ...

May 02

More road trips!

I had to go to the Coast for another work trip, so once again I took the 944. I can't stop driving this car! It is the consummate GT: comfortable, capable, and quick!

April 25

Ride & Handling

The next step on the 944 is to address the suspension. This side of the car has all of the issues, as the right rear shock is blown and the right front ball join is bad. I have already purchased ...

April 25

Bling. bling!

So the original exhaust system includes this built-in tip that I assume is stainless steel. After a little elbow grease and some polish it shined up pretty good!

April 25

Gettin' Low!

The new shorter tires coupled with the factory M456 Sport Suspension makes for a VERY low ride height! The nose now rubs on things and my low-profile jack won't fit under the nose. I'll be getting some 2x10's for ramps. ...

April 21

New steering wheel

So, remember that "Dino" wheel from the 2010 swap meet that I thought was from a Ferrari? I happened to score a Dino to 944 steering wheel adapter on CL for $20! Unfortunately, my wheel has 1 too many bolts, ...

April 21

WooHoo! Win!

We took the 944 to it's second ever autocross on Sunday (4/17) and did awesome! I won P02 and Audra got 2nd, both of us beating out a M030 968. I also took 23rd overall out of 59 (and Audra ...

April 21

Looking sharp!

I can't get enough of that rear 3/4 view! This car is really cleaning up nicely. The oil pressure is great, it starts up every time, and it drives very nicely. I hate to say it here, but this twice ...

April 21

Fresh oil & filter

The 944 also got treated to an oil change. That filter location berkleying SUCKS!!! I had to hammer-and-screwdriver the old one out. No matter though, as the new K&N filter has a 1" nut welded on it, which will make ...

April 21

New shoes!

The Porsche now sports a set of Hankook RS-3's in 225/45/15. They are WAY shorter than the 225/60's that were on the car, but they grip sooo much better! Definitely a great tire.

April 10

Beauty shots

This is the first sunny day since I bought the car. It's very pretty in the sunlight!

April 10

Let there be light!

Sometimes it's the little things. A new battery and the original key fob lights up once more! Other little things fixed since I bought it: Seat lever clip, removed steering wheel cover, new rear hatch shocks, and replacement of some ...

April 10

Bad ball joint

The right front ball joint is bad, which obviously does the handling no favors. I purchased the Rennbay racing kit to fix this, it will be installed this week, before autocross #2.

April 10

First mod!

The 944 earned it's first modification, a linear throttle cam. This is an absolute requirement for all 944's for throttle response! The stock cam is progressive, so the first 1/2 pedal is basically doing nothing, which makes the throttle very ...

April 10

It's not just the cars, it's the people

The #1 reason I wanted a Porsche, to join the PCA. This club is full of absolutely fantastic people who are, especially on the autocross side, very open to other cars and drivers. Their hospitality over the last 3 seasons ...

April 10

First autocross of 2011

The 944's first autocross went well! It was pouring rain the entire time, and the Michelin's didn't have much tread left, so the car understeered pretty badly. Still, all in all, a good test of what the car was like ...

March 08

Road Trip!

I went on a 250+ mile trip for work last week up to Aberdeen, WA and back down the Pacific Coast Highway 101. Of course I took the Porsche. It was a great drive, and the car did excellent asking ...

Feb. 28

So pretty

Can't stop looking at it. Can you believe it's the original paint?

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Feb 28, 2011 12:44 p.m.
So, you bought one, eh? What's wrong with it?
Feb 28, 2011 12:53 p.m.
Javelin (Forum Supporter):
Not much. It needs a ball joint, a vacuum hose, some cleaning inside, and a seat patch. Timing belt 7K ago, clutch 40K ago, PPI, full records from new all at Porsche shops, manuals, and newish Michelin HX4's. Paint and body are freaking perfect.
Mar 2, 2011 10:39 p.m.
Matt B (fs):
I think I'll always have a soft spot for 944's. Looks like a great find.
Jun 18, 2011 10:15 a.m.
Great Car. I hope you have it for many years!
Feb 2, 2012 12:24 p.m.
Well, it looks like I've now got it's twin... I drove it, and fell in love. (A little part of me hates myself...)

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