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1987 Porsche 924S

DAILY DRIVEN Car past month ( 5,700 miles in past 3 years, Body Restoration completed 3 years ago. ALL CRITICAL RUNNING PARTS REPLACED , HEAD REBUILT., ALL NEW A/C ICE COLD !!! 38 degree Outlet temp. 2500 POUND CAR RARE SUNROOF DELETE CAR. BODY RESTORATION WITH CUSTOM BODY MODIFICATIONS. Car was purchased from OFFICER of the Gold Coast Region Porsche Club of America as a running un-wrecked with bad transmission 5 years ago. He has driven car recently and can be contacted for independent verification of condition and drivability of car. VIDEO ZERO TO 60 Acceleration YOU TUBE NEW PARTS Sachs clutch/Pressure Plate/Throw out bearing (flywheel machined flat) Bilstein Shock inserts front, KYB rear shocks Brake pads, rebuilt calipers, new Cross drilled rotors front BFG Ultra High Performance Summer KDW2 tires 205-55ZR15 Passenger half shaft including C/V joints. Front wheel bearings replaced. NEW factory Porsche front windshield ENGINE NEW PARTS New timing and balance shaft belts, new tension and idle rollers. Fuel Injectors rebuilt (removed from engine, sent to specialty injector shop) HEAD REBUILT with new head gasket. All cylinders are within 4% PSI readings of each other. Turbo head gasket used to slightly increase compression/performance. New Coil, Cap and rotor, Water pump, Speed sensor and plugs AIR CONDITIONING NEW PARTS New A/C compressor Condenser and dryer New O-rings installed in every connection for R134a conversion NOTE 38 Degree Outlet temp ADDITIONAL REPLACED OR ADDED PARTS/ ACCESSORIES . Ignition key assembly replaced New Keyless entry with Alarm/Siren. CUSTOM DIGITAL DASH speedometer and tach. Have Orig. Dash / Instruments Pioneer Digital CD/AM/FM in dash radio with separate subwoofer AMP. And 12 Inch Sony subwoofer.with Infinity midrange/tweeters. Custom Porsche emblem center of wheels New orig. factory Porsche hood badge. 7 Custom made Yellow 3M REFLECTIVE appliqué to wheels and TURBO rear light up reflect BRIGHTLY at night when headlights of cars shine on them. Excellent added safety feature be seen at night. 8 Porsche 944 TURBO LIGHTED center rear tail light section with Custom made Yellow TURBO 3M appliqué ( NOTE CAR IS NOT TURBO for appearance only and can be removed easily and tag mounted to center as original. Used Rear factory sway bar with end links – not installed and extra second front sway bar. ULTRA rare early 924 Porsche FACTORY ISSUED RACING STRIPES HOOD AND ROOF ( vinyl appliqué can be removed by new owner if wanted on car for approx. 8 months ) NOT TURBOCHARGED TRANSAXLE ( rear ) Replaced with Original 5 speed overdrive transmission out of 87 924S (same year/model) that had 44,000 miles that up-shifts and downshifts smoothly ( car purchased from had front end wreck no damage to transaxle which is in rear of car. Transaxle is not limited slip. We also have a perfect shifting 89 S2 Porsche transaxle that has been tested in car. The S2 has a much larger pinion gear for higher HP or racing applications. Overdrive gear ratio of S2 slightly less than 924S. S2 transaxle available for additional cost. The S2 transaxle is NOT included in sale of above car. CUSTOM BODY MODIFICATIONS ( NOTE: My son is a welder and has NINE AWS certifications. Steel, Alum, Stainless and mixed metals. Pop up headlights with large round single lamps removed. Metal welded in fascia panel creating a much smoother no seems appearance. Front and Rear Alum. bumpers indented turn signals and rubber inserts removed with Alum. welded in making beautiful smooth all metal appearance. Custom holes made for headlights in bumper with turn signals mounted air intake area below bumper and small space between bumper and front top fascia panel. Car HAD Mercedes Benz HID custom behind bumper. Removed due to value of lights vs. car sell price. Currently has Halogen lighting. New owner can mount Rectangular driving lights easily under bumper or behind bumper. Large round front and rear fender side marker lights removed. Metal welded in insets on fenders for clean uninterrupted side body lines. PAINT The 924S body is factory galvanized. To preserve metal integrity paint stripper was used instead of sanding. Bare body painted with self etching primer, then blocked and a primer sealer was applied prior to the top coat and clear. Car has several coats of Primer and custom mixed BRIGHT YELLOW paint with Clear coat over. ALL parts removed from car , interior, exterior, windows , Engine, Bell housing, Transaxle, torque tube ( driveshaft ) and most of suspension. Interior is NOT RESTORED, front seats have covers over them rear seat is ok. Dash pad is cracked has carpet dash pad. Headliner good, carpet no tears but worn and hardened in hatch area from sun. CAR SPECIFICATIONS 1987 PORSCHE 924S 2.5 L 4 cylinder160 HP fuel injection, Orig. Engine ALL STOCK Front engine water cooled rear drive , none turbo. Mileage unknown ( odometer not working when we purchased ( speedometer worked yes)reads 66,000. Amount of carbon on pistons and head indicate mileage of approx. 100,000 + have pictures see link below NOTE : Is not unusual for Porsche engines to exceed easily 200,000 miles or more without rebuild due to tight tolerances and materials used. This engine does not burn oil. This car has 5,700 miles driven since completion of restoration. EPA rated 18 city 26 Hwy observed gas mileage last tank 19 mpg. OPTIONS A/C, Power Windows, Door locks with remote entry and ALARM, Power Mirrors, 5 speed manual overdrive transaxle, Power steering, AM/FM/CD Radio with subwoofer/AMP, Rear Window defroster. VERY VERY RARE FACTORY DELETE SUNROOF CAR (924 cars had standard a sunroof) . This creates a much stiffer stronger lighter body making this a perfect SCCA or Porsche Club of America Racing vehicle. Car weight is 2550 lbs. with Sunroof deleted. PRODUCTION INFORMATION THE 1987 and 1988 Porsche 924S is identical to the 944 model mechanically, same engine, drive-train, suspension only notable difference is wider fenders and interior. 924S weight is 2600 pounds and due to being lighter than 944 slightly faster. The 924S was produced for USA only in 87 and 88 with total production of 9137 cars. THIS is a RARE CAR. Total 924 production 1979 to 1988 nearly 151,870, parts are easily available. RESTORATION TEAM Father age 53, Son age 25. Son has 9 years mechanic experience including Champion Porsche/Audi Line Service Tech, EV Porsche Conversions in WPB , Doug Levin Motorsports ( Lamborghini and Viper ), Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. Father - Zimmer Motorcars Product Development Manager, auto and mechanical restoration 38 years as hobby. Active SCCA, GYMKHANA and DRAG RACING past. We restore cars as a hobby in spare time. Fully equipped 2 car garage/shop. PRIOR RESTORATION PROJECT DATSUN 1972 240Z See image 5.

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