Jul 8, 2011 update on Protege2886's 1999 Mazda Protege LX


After killing my 205/50 15 Kumho Ecsta XS tires during our season last year, I decided to upgrade to some thick and sticky rubber this year: 225/45 15 Nitto NT01s.

I’m currently running a 7” rim with approx. +45 offset. Translation? I can barely fit a finger between the inside sidewall and my struts as it is which means there’s no way the 225s will fit.

Cue Novustech Spacers (www.novustech.ca). Great little company operating out of southwestern Ontario.

Ordered a set of 4x100 10mm spacers, 70mm studs, and 30mm nuts. The quality of the machining looks great. I can’t wait to install them.

update: I had terrible post-sale customer service from novustech after I receive nuts and lugs with different thread patterns. If you’re just buying spacers, you may be ok.


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