Nov 5, 2009 update on blaze86vic's 1973 Toyota Celica 1973

Front Suspension Pics

update image

Since I’ve had the Celica, the driver door has ever so slightly been rubbing the front fender when I open and close it because of the wore out door hinges. So I finally got around to making some shims to push the door back to the correct placement so that it doesn’t touch the fender and the clearance is better. It’s nothing that’s really visible from pictures, but while I was doing the work I had the front fender off and decided to take some pictures for reference in the future. You can see the tire just barely touching the firewall at the back in the second picture. The 4th is showcasing how the Battle Version negative roll center adjusters are installed. And the ruler is measuring the clearance of the wheels to the strut casing (the wheels are 15X7 +15mm offset, with 195/50 tires).

BTW, yes those are burnout marks on the garage floor haha.…">">…">">…">">…">">…">">…">">


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