Dec 1, 2013 update on blaze86vic's 1973 Toyota Celica 1973

New Exhaust Part 2

update image

I finally got around to re-doing the exhaust. I replaced my header with a new (not broken in 3 places) version of the same exact part number. Which, fortunately did not have the same collector style (old was 3 bolt flat, new is ball and socket) so it forced me to redo the entire exhaust. I used a piece kit and commenced to lots of cutting and welding; adding a flex joint finally, and putting a Cherry Bomb glass pack in the middle of the exhaust in conjunction with the Afterburner muffler at the end. The end result is pretty smooth sounding, amazingly quiet on the street, and way better ground clearance." target="_blank">" alt="Image Hosted by" border="0"/>" target="_blank">" alt="Image Hosted by" border="0"/>


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