Nov 25, 2009 update on blaze86vic's 1973 Toyota Celica 1973

TSCC ACU-4 Auctocross

update image

Another auto-x at ACU-4 with Tidewater Sports Car Club. Was pretty fun, and the car did really well. It’s a shame that the LSD is broken, I swear it works better now that it’s broken than it did when it was in one piece (yeah, the LSD in the car now is broken more on that later). I drove with street tires this time since it was a little on the cold side. Last auto-x I couldn’t even begin to warm up my abused V700’s (I’m thinking they have just been heat cycled too many times now). A friend of mine took a lot of pictures, so it took some time to narrow it down to just a few.…">">…">">…">">…">">…">">…">">…">">…">">…">">


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