Apr 13, 2010 update on nocones's 1978 MG Midget

Body Mockup

update image

So life has been a little exciting in the past couple of months. My wife and I are expecting our first child, I’ve been doing a kitchen/house remodel, and I’ve been working 55 hour weeks. It’s been intense.
However progress has been slow but steady. I got the steering shaft mounts finalized and realized that the body was next. I wanted to get the body on before I started any firewall creation, and I’m avoiding all the final X-braces, gussets and small mounts because they take a lot of time and don’t make it look like big progress. So I started on the body. Everything is just c-clamped on, however I’ve been able to get all the panel gaps close enough and realized that I’m not going to have to cut any frame to make it fit. I was nervous, but It worked! The rear end literally fits exactly like it is supposed to. The roll pan sits right against the frame, and the bottom of the floor just protrudes through the skin for my tire trailer mount. I hope you guys enjoy this progress as much as I do. It’s a long road still to go, but I’m moving!


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