Feb 13, 2016 update on nocones's 1978 MG Midget

Rearward HO!

update image

So of course I decided I had to move the engine 5” back.. because I have the extra time and am so far ahead on this project. Ok none of that is true except the engine moving thing. I’ve been concerned about F/R weight bias with the car and moving the 380lb engine 5” on a 80” wheelbase moves 25lbs from the front to rear. Given that the car is going to be ~1420lbs with me in it that’s almost 2% weight bias change. I’ve also aquired some full slick tires which require a scattershield. Thats going to weigh ~20lbs and required some cutting of the engine bay. Given that I was modifying the engine bay anyway it seemed like a good idea to move that weight back as well. The engine is now nearly completely behind the front wheels and about 10” back of the front axlee centerline. Progress is progress I guess.


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