Apr 2, 2015 update on TJ's 1964 Austin Mini Cooper S

Mini 56 preps

update image

In preparation for the Mini 56, I figured it was time to lose the Corbeau fixed back racking seats and outdated harnesses. I also wanted a couple cupholders, a place to charge my phone and a sound suystem. Ended up installing a pair of leather power seats from a Saab 9-3 and building a center console with cupholders, a couple speakers, and a couple power outlets. I also installed a couple speakers and an amp under the rear seat. No head unit - I didn’t want one, so I just have a little bluetooth dongle powered from one of my new USB ports and use my phone to play over the new system. I also installed a new 123 distributor and removed the Aldon Red unit. Yeah, no more points and as a bonus I now have vacuum advance. I also made a shield to keep water off the coil, distributor and plug wires.


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