Started on June 5 by cpdave

1966 Dodge Dart 270


White with Black Zebra Strips. 330 RwHp 300 RwFtLb 318. A833 4 speed. 3.55:1 Suregrip 8.75” rear. Set up to SVRA AS/TransAm rules. 1.25” x 0.156” wall front sway. 1.180” T-bars 166LbIn Afco rear springs W/ extra half leaf and clamp on front segement (also dearched 2”). Panhard rod.

Latest updates
March 23
Hood re-work 2...

Underside of the new hood…

March 23
Reworked hood mounting...

So the one issue with the VFN ‘66 Dart hood is that it lacks built-in …

Aug. 21
Dart small weight reduciton 3

Drilled a bunch of 0.75” holes in the grill support and replaced the glass sealed …

Aug. 21
Dart small weight reduciton 2

Dart small weight reduciton 2

Aug. 21
Dart small weight reduciton 01

Dart small weight reduciton 1

June 15

Finnished combustion chamber on one of the Darts ported #…302 heads. All 8 are supporting …

Jan. 23
DC Auto Show 4

DC Auto Show 4

Jan. 23
DC Auto Show 3

DC Auto Show 3

Jan. 23
DC Auto Show 2

DC Auto Show 2

Jan. 23
DC Auto Show 1

DC Auto Show 1

Dec. 01
Vintage Big Bore at the 2011 VRG Turkey Bowl

Leading a Freight Train into turn one at Summit Point!

June 07
Dart's Office

Gauges, etc…

June 07
Motor Photo

Redneck Testa Rosa.

June 07
Motor Development 2

Cam, carb, and compression.

June 07
Motor Development 1.

Baseline, Exhaust, and Heads

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June 6, 2011, 10:46 a.m.

Very cool machine. Hope to see it an an event soon.

June 9, 2011, 11:06 a.m.

Next event will likely be the 2011 VRG Turkey Bowle at Summit Point.

Sept. 18, 2018, 2:42 p.m.

Very nice - did this one belong to Josh Skinner at one point? I know I've seen that paint job before.

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