Feb 9, 2013 update on cpdave's 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe

New Motor is in...

update image

For those who may have forgotten, given how long its been between the completion and installation of the new mill, here are the basic spec’s:

RHS Pro Elite SBF Alum CNC Ported 221cc Intake Runners 2.08”/1.625 Valves

Parker Funnelweb Intake QFT 750 carb Ford MS Boss block Bore 4.060 Stroke 3.25 Diamond fully coated pistons (11.5:1) Total Circle Rings (gapless top ring)

Cam: Comp Custom Mech roller: Net Lift: 0.650”/0.650” Duration @ 0.020” Lift: 285/294 Duration @ 0.050” Lift: 254/262 Lobe Sep: 108 Intake Centerline: 104 (very fast ramps)

T&D Shaft Rockers

On the Engine Dyno with 1.75” headers it made 370 FtLb @ 2600 RPM, 470 FtLb @ 5900 RPM, and 589 HP @ 7500 RPM. On the Chassis Dyno with 1.625” headers, 3”-in-2.5”-out X-Pipe, and 2.5” 2 chamber Flow Masters we get:

I think the headers are choking it a bit, but it still makes the seat of my pants tingle!


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