Started on June 14 by jddeadfuelpumps

1990 Toyota Camry V6 LE

Inherited, interior practically showroom. Sunroof trouble, A/C no longer cold. The car runs like it’s brand new, though white paint is showing it’s age. T-belt fairly new, but leaks oil after warmed up @ the bottom of the V(not trans side). Local guy I used to trust cleaned it up and swore he needs $1000 to fix, because it’s slung oil all over the timing belt. But I pulled back the cover and saw with MY OWN EYES that the belt is dry. Looking closely, it seems a thin plastic gasket thingy moves about freely in a tiny little area at the bottom of the V. I’m quite lost with this car, as I’ve had no real time to dig deeper. All I know is, the car is awesome until you’re on the interstate for ten minutes, and a plume of oil smoke is burning off the exhaust, costing a quart of oil per 60 mile commute.

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