1906 Eagle asdf

Started on Aug. 20 by Jake

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May 10

Dropped and swapped

I swung by the shop. Had the new module installed in under 15 minutes. Booyah. The Charger is starting and staying running now. Close to being back on the road. Sweet!

May 09

Mission Transmission

The transmission was finally completed! It appears the stalling issue may have caused by a bad ignition module. Just for good measure I'll be kicking the coil to the curb too. Keeping my fingers crossed!

March 17

Rubber meets the road.

Holy smokes! How old are the tires? They are rock hard Montgomery Ward tires. Monkey Wards went out of business over 15 years ago.

Feb. 23

Mission: Transmission

My shop pulled the 904 out and found the snout of the converter was grooved badly and some dolt may have mated the converter dry which caused the scoring. Even better, rather than using the correct paper gasket for the ...

Feb. 19

In Tune

I finally had a chance to tune up the Charger. It took an hour and a half but I replaced the plugs, wires, rotor with cap and the ballast resistor. The Charger roared to life again after cranking the key. ...

Dec. 22

It's cold outside!

The Charger developed a hard start condition when the weather changed and would stall when in gear. I added seafoam to the gas and the car would start with fuel added directly in the carb. you could rev it and ...

Dec. 13

Arrgh, it's cold outside.

It's in the 20's and I need to throw a tune up on her. It is getting hard to start and the cap has moisture with corrision all over the once brass contacts. Rock Auto had a blow out on ...

Aug. 28

Pimp slap, slap stik, that is....

Here is the slap stik shifter in the car. After not starting it for a week it fired right up again,

Aug. 23

Vinyl top?

I've never owned a car with a vinyl top. I did find a replacement and the top MoPar used a pattern called Cobra. Huh? I kinda looks cool, dunno if it stays or goes.

Aug. 21

The Vapors

Of course the combination of attempting to drive a car that's been off the road for over a decade and on the hottest day of the year was a distaster in the making. Vapor lock would not allow the car ...

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Aug 24, 2011 6:10 a.m.
Cool car. What's the slap stik shifter?
Aug 24, 2011 10:44 a.m.
The Slap Stik is the Mopar version of the automatic shifter with the lockout ratchet to prevent downshifting accidentally. Not flashy, but functional and nicer than a column shifter, IMHO.

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