Apr 16, 2009 update on artofruin's 1987 Mazda RX-7

Knuckle Up

I added some new steering knuckles to the FC yesterday, as well as Hawk HPS pads and Brembo OEM-style rotors. Between those, the Corksport SSBLs, and some Ate Blue brake fluid, this thing is a stopping monster. The rear rotors are warped, though, so some Brembo rear OEMs are on the way. Also on the way: slightly used HP+ pads, silicone vacuum hoses, and some sweet S5 tail lights!

The car’s first autocross will take place on Cape Cod on April 19th. Two hour drive to the site, a lot of hard driving, and two hours home- this will be a real test for my little FC. Wish me luck!


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