Jan 19, 2009 update on artofruin's 1987 Mazda RX-7

Seriously, Mother Nature, ENOUGH!!!

When I bought my RX-7, I felt as though I could work on it over the winter to have it ready by spring for autocross season. Mother Nature had other plans. It seems like every time I dig out my FC, the next day it gets another 4-8” of snow dumped on it. There is so much snow, I can’t get into the driver side door and the car can’t climb itself out even if I dig the snow out from under its wheels by hand. I don’t have a snowblower (no place to put it), so I’m stuck digging the old-fashioned way- by shovel.

At least I can work on the interior. All that’s left is to replace the shifter bushings and rear hatch seal and I’m all set for now. I still have to replace the front hubs, reseal the oil pan, and wire the windshield wiper back to the original harness (instead of the jury-rigged toggle switch). And as a bonus, I have to diagnose a strange noise coming from the rear and a slow brake fluid leak! Yay, winter!


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