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1970 Porsche 914-6 GT

914-6/GT m471 roadster - a driveable dream - SN 9140430919. SCCA Racing Logbook # 33-2947; VARA Vintage Racing Logbook Wolgang Dworazik’s “Type 916 dream car”. Built in the factory shops by factory techs after-hours at Stuttgart, Germany to “916” and “m471-GT” competition specifications on a fresh original chassis pulled from the 914-6 production line. Dworazik was a 911 engine builder and mechanician with “in the house” (i.e., authorized) factory access to the 916 and GT parts bins. This car was fitted with the new prototype Type 916 front & rear fiberglass ‘bumpers’ and flared steel rocker panels, in addition to all the m471-spec GT components, including steel fender flares, a Behr front oil cooler, chassis reinforcements, a 911R front suspension, “S” calipers and race-crafted vented rear rotors. It also got a Dworazik built 911R twin-plug “LeMans” engine. It was painted colour Lindgrün, or lime green. The finished car was TUV “titled”, and certified for street licensing in Mai 1972. Dworazik competed it in ADAC “spezial GT” class slalom events during 1972-73. It was sold to Thomas Frank in late 1973, then re-fitted with a 2.4 motor, the 911R having “expired on the test drive”, according to Dworazik. A year later, the car was found as a “non-running, ex-race-car” in a warehouse near Stuttgart. It was purchased in November 1974 by David Moeller on advice of his friend Karl Hloch, who had been a factory assigned race technician to the Brumos and Strahle KG 914-6/GT race teams. Karl told David “This is a very special car.” A US Army helicopter pilot, David returned the car to street and rally use. He drove the car daily for 2 years while stationed at Schwaebisch Gmund. The car was maintained at Strahle KG by Karl Hloch (now a reknowned 4-cam engine builder). In November 1976, David gray-market imported it to Oregon via SFO, as an ex-race car, whereupon it was purchased by older brother Larry Moeller

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