Mar 9, 2009 update on vweezly's 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit

Turbo rebuild

update image

Finished the turbo rebuild…

Easier than I thought… although the last part was a bit tough. HUUUUUGE thanks to Karl (Dieselkraftstoff on vwvortex) for helping me put the impeller back together. Without his expertise I would not be as far along. He also brought along his inch/pound wrench so that the impeller would be torqued down to spec. Note to all… clean off every bit of carbon that you possible can clean. Clean the crap out of it and it will go back together very easily. Mark the impeller freakin everywhere so that everything goes back on in the same place that it was taken off. Spent an hour or so taking it all apart and replacing all the bits. The only special tool needed is one of those c-clip spreaders. You can see I had one but had to grind the tips to fit the tiny holes. This thing is going to run like it was brand new!


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