Jul 18, 2009 update on PeteWW's 1993 Mazda RX-7

almost ready...

…to remove the engine.

Since the car has been sitting for five years, it seemed prudent to do a thorough check of the engine prior to attempting to start it. Since the car needs quite a bit of other work anyway, I decided to remove the engine so I could look directly inside the exhaust ports. I’m hoping/praying that there is no or only superficial rust.

As my initial post suggested, progress has been / will be slow. By last month, I had managed to remove the upper manifold, exhaust, powerplant frame, and driveshaft.

Other work the RX-7 needs: * Remove the leaky ABS pump. I’d prefer to have ABS, but a new pump is far out of my budget. * Repair or replace the hatch. The hatch has two rust perforations near the window. * Repair the drivetrain vibration. It’s either the driveshaft or a halfshaft. * Replace tranny synchros. * Fix AC. * Replace windshield. * Paint. * Battery. * Wiring: improve engine grounding & move relay box. * Improve flow into airbox. * Add mechanical boost controller (aka Grainger). * Replace catalytic converter. The car failed emissions testing prior to its long hibernation.

I don’t expect much progress until September.


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