Started on May 10 by Goldmember

1989 Honda EP Civic

I saved this from falling into the hands of an import drag racer on E-bay, thanks to a heads-up from a fellow auto-Xer. It was built by a Mass based Solo Nats multi-trophy vet and his son. He and his wife campaigned it with NER SCCA for 6+ years until they lost interest. Unfortunately the pro built motor was not healthy, and I’ve not been able to use it. Not enough time/space currently available to tear into it. I purchased it Nov ‘09(motor health assumed good, I was only able to drive it briefly in a storage complex before trailering it), and promptly stored it. Spring ‘10, its running on 1.5 cyls. I hope its something simple like stuck rings, but we shall see (soon, I hope).

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May 12, 2012, 9:15 p.m.

Very cool story/car! Goodluck!

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