Started on May 17 by Schump

1973 Porsche 914 2.0 "S"

My daily driver & track mule in the PCA for all days I could afford as a poor college kid @ Virginia Tech who spent too uh time in our Formula SAE car shop. 90k==>~145k in 5.5 yrs + 2 weekends @ Watkins Glen & 12+ days @ Summit Point, WV (my home track, 1 hr W) Best money spent: $145 @ Advance Auto for BMW 320i front calipers, pads, and hard lines. Sleep Fri night/Sat morning after milling them to center up on our Bridgeport & installation in my teammate’s garage before heading 3 hrs up I-81 for a track day: 0.00 hours. Other mods: -Too many sets of Bridgestone RE-71s (Treadwear #=140!!!) -19mm front torsion bars -Poly Graphite front A-arm bushings (HUGE difference vs 22 yr old rubber) -145# progressive rear springs -19mm 911 master cylinder -fresh coat of epoxy sealer primer in a weird olive greenish grey that all our team rednecks were envious of -Rustoration aka purchase of a Lincoln Weld-Pack 100 & the gas conversion kit + a 4’x8’ sheet of 18 gauge steel + WAY too many hours replacing rust w/ metal and removing all the B&B that the original owner had applied when he reshot it metallic silver (Brazed & Bondo’d) -oil pressure gauge in center console to replace das clock -Removal of rr sway bar -gearbox replacement after I made it to my little bro’s house @ UVa w/ 3.5 gears left (I lost 4th w/ a big BANG otw there up I-81 and it was already jumping out of 1st and reverse and occasionally 5th gear). # of functioning gears the next morning: 0.0! {Perhaps the quarter-sized hole in the rr tranny cover made by an exploded speedo drive gear didn’t help, ESP since I only discovered it the night before @ a truck stop while refilling the gear oil completely???} -6 point harnesses -other stuff I can’t remember (She is currently behind my friend’s shop needing to be parted out or rebuilt)

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