Feb 11, 2009 update on ditchdigger's 1971 Fiat 850 Berlina


update image

With the water pump no longer in the picture…or even in the bay I needed something to act as a radiator fan. After dropping the cash on the water pump I was reluctant to shell out for a slimline fan. All those VW parts in my garage are now paying off. I cut out the motor mount from an A2 jetta fan shroud and welded it to a hacked up Fiat radiator shroud. I fitted a 2 speed fan motor and drilled the lower tank and soldered in a fan switch socket that I cut out of a rabbit radiator. Now I have a reliable and free electric fan that will probably work better than a cheap slimline fan and the two speed has the advantage of an audible warning that the temps are increasing. win-win!


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