Jan 10, 2010 update on ditchdigger's 1971 Fiat 850 Berlina

driving straighter

update image

Did a driveway alignment today. I shimmed the upper control arms out to remove some of the negative camber. I still need to adjust more out. took it from 4.2 on the drivers side and 4.58 on the passenger to 2 degrees even on both. The little angle gauge from horrible freight is made for setting up table saw blades but is awesome for this. I made a fancy jig but it proved to be no more accurate than holding it flat up against the lug face.

then I set up the string gauge, centered the steering linkage and set toe to zero or as close as I could measure with the crude setup.

I needed to simulate my weight somehow and the tires and wheels were there so….

The little eight and a half now tracks straigt and true. I could even take my hands off the wheel if I dared.


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