Started on Aug. 30 by strawman

1973 Porsche 914 (Suby-powered)

I’ve taken the stupid step of trying to revive a long-ignored/rusty 914 and at the same time transplanting a turbo Suby engine and transaxle. Began building it in 2008, and got it finally running in 2012 with an EJ22T engine with bigger turbo, injectors, freeflowing downpipe, etc… ran like a scalded cat, while also blowing one Suby transaxle (damn Phase 1!) and snapped one regrooved 911 axle. Once it was reliable, I tore it out in 2018 and installed a built/nutso EJ255/EJ257 engine, which dyno-ed at 302hp on pump gas… it is set up for E85, but it honestly spins the 255-wide/200tw tires at will so it doesn’t “need” more power.

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