Started on Nov. 22 by Kylini

1999 Mazda Miata

Sport package prepped for casual STR autocross and, apparently, PR rallycross. After becoming addicted to autocross, I knew my Intrepid wouldn’t cut it. As always, the answer is Miata. Slightly crunchy from fire and impact damage.

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Jan. 26
Two SCCA PR National Championships!

Yup! My codriver Myles Goertz won twice in this car. Sad to see it gone.

Sept. 01

I think the photo and the title sum this post up.

Jan. 11
Ice Racing!

Yup! I wasn’t fast, but I wasn’t slow either! Heck of an experience.

Dec. 09
All Rally Armored Up!

Either I could purchase a midpipe which would make my car lighter and increase power, …

Dec. 01
100 Grand

Fortunately, my car is lacking in caramel and crispy rice.

Nov. 26
Oh lawdy LEDs...

There is zero justification for this modification. At least it’s bright when…uh…off-roading…yesssssssss.

Nov. 26
Snow tires are here!

I snagged some General Altimax Arctics at Discount Tire, a used set of C1M wheels, …

Nov. 26
Rallycross! Why not!

Well, since my car is already somewhat crunchy, it can’t hurt to go off-roading now …

Aug. 29
Difficult things to install (not really)...

I threw on some Fat Cat Motorsports Bilstein coilovers and man oh man they are …

Aug. 19

On August 16th, I finished wiring the car and fired up the engine. Aside from …

Aug. 19
Five months of slow progress

Between the end of March and August, I very slowly removed my car’s interior and …

Aug. 19
Impact damage

The battery fire filled the interior with smoke and melted my wiring harness, my brake …

Aug. 19
Oh s***

I-80 iced over on March 24th on my way back from Dallas. Driving slow wasn’t …

Aug. 19
All cleaned up before a March drive to Dallas

Before my eventful trip, I just finished replacing the timing belt, radiator, coolant hoses, exhaust …

March 18
Winter maintenance!

I broke my front sway bar brackets, so I needed to take the due for …

April 15
Koni Sport Shocks

My OEM Bilsteins had seen much better days so I decided to upgrade on the …

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March 8, 2014, 8:39 p.m.

It takes me forever to work on suspension, and I once put the springs on upside down. Now, I just see if somebody wants to put them together for me.

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