Jun 18, 2011 update on jharbert's 2000 Mazda Protege ES

Maintenance and new springs

I recently did some maintenance on the car. New timing belt, water pump, upper strut mounts all around, and new front lower control arms. Since I had to take the struts out I replaced the Racing Beat MP3 springs with an Eibach Pro-Kit. It’s now about an extra 1/2” lower in front and an inch in back compared to the MP3s. Man, what a difference. The Eibachs are progressive rate, where the MP3 were linear. The Eibachs are a much better match for the adjustable Tokicos than the MP3s were. Tire grip in corners is much improved, especially in the rear with its extra lowering. Now I need to look at upgrading my anti-roll bars.


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