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1973 Datsun 240Z

1973 Datsun 240Z 4 speed, Dealer installed A/C, Gerald Ford green paint with Roger Waters orange interior It’s getting a dash cap, new armrest and a cleaning on the inside. Maybe a Bob Segar tape or two. For the outside I plan on sanding it and then plastidip. Throw some 15x 7 Volk mesh wheels on it and an Ansa twintip straight pipe. *For the engine, stock. Twin SU’s with factory air cleaner. *May 2020 Engine update: Triple Weber 40DCOE carbs, TWM intake, MSA 3-2-1 header through the same Ansa Twin Tip exhaust.

Latest updates
Feb. 14
13x7/13x9 SSR MKII wheels

13x7 -1 13x9 -25

Feb. 14
New BC Racing Coilovers

New coilovers and SS brake lines

May 21
Road Atlanta Mitty 2018

Datsun marque featured so you know she had to make it. It she did, in …

May 21
Datsun Spirit ignition and heat shield

No more excess hoses and wires.

May 21
Engine mods 2020

Triple Weber 40DCOEs, TWM Intake, MSA 3-2-1 header running through the ANSA twin tip exhaust

Jan. 23
Engine updates Feb 2015

Carbs rebuilt, water pump, new ignition, aluminum radiator

June 06
Ansa tips on

Vertical stacked baby

June 06
New dash and armrest

As well as SCRUBBING everything

June 06
15x7 Volk Meshies

Wheels installed

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