Oct 7, 2009 update on em99sport's 2004 Subaru WRX wagon

Rallyx Suspension Buildup Pt. 1

With the wagon’s 2009 rallyx debut coming up in less than two months, the planned suspension buildup has started. I purchased a set of Tokico D-Spec struts and front and rear Group N strut tops. They will be installed with the Whiteline Plus front control arm inner bushings and rear trailing arm bushings that I have, as well as some yet unpurchased springs and suspension spacers.

I am still contemplating using a Whiteline anti-lift kit in place of the currently-installed Group N transverse link bushings, since the car doesn’t have to qualify for the STX or ESP autocross classes any longer. If so, the Group N pieces will be used on the STi I’ll be buying.

There will definitely be more to follow on this.


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