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Car is beyond all expectations. Full race on all fronts, 2800 lbs, 550 RWHP, ridiculous mechanical grip and no serious aero (yet???). Car is so fast and so fun to drive, with unbelievable mechanical grip, close ratio Rockland Tranzilla and 3.55 gears…I am just gonna drive it like this for a while and enjoy it!!!! Pic is on the main straight at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) F1 Track in Austin, Texas. Yea, it is stupid fast!!!!!!! And special thanks to Performance Speed Tech (PST) based at Motorsport Ranch, Cresson, Texas. A.J. and the guys have really turned this car into something very special…Thanks guys!!!!! Wanna see artwork…told Josh at PST I needed a rollcage subframe for my Ford IRS Cobra 8.8 diff…check the pic of his handbuild rear subframe…thanks Josh!!!


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